Tagging Contacts Issue

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Tagging Contacts Issue

We tag contacts that show as blocked in our sent campaigns. Last week I reported via phone an issue with the tags not working the best. Today, it is even worse. I filter out for just Blocked, hit the 'all' box in the upper left corner of the list, and then under manage tags I choose the Blocked... It will not tag beyond just one. I went in an manually selected 13 of them, and it tagged all 13, but it won't do the 'all' selection.

HI @LauraC771

I see you have an open case with our second level of support to look into this. I've added your newest notes to this case to keep them updated. It looks like you asked to be reached out to directly so this post won't effect that! 


I am sorry that this is still being a frustration but I'm sure the team looking into it will be able to give you more detail soon!


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