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Hi, I recently migrated over from  that had a robust tagging system, when I merged we were able to keep the tags but since then, there is no functionality on Constant Contact. I have a group of contacts tagged "Artists" who I need to have on one list, and I simply cannot figure out how to make contacts with the same tag appear together. I understand that tagging is not a keystone of Constant Contact but basic functionality that allows me to view contacts based on tags would be much appreciated. If there is a way to do this, please advise. Thank you.


Hello @MadeleineS02 ,


You can find your account's tags in the Tags subtab of the Contacts dashboard:


Screenshot 2021-12-16 150626.jpg


If you select a tag name (such as the "Artists" tag that I see in that subtab), you'll be able to see all the contacts you've tagged as such, and be able to click on those tags individually, or use their checkmark selection boxes to carry out all the usual contact management, such as list membership, contact field editing, deleting, etc. 


For an overview of tag management 

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