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Tags! What they are and how they help you send targeted campaigns


Tags! What they are and how they help you send targeted campaigns


UPDATED: June 2018


Users in our 3GE templates can also exclude tags when sending your campaign to help make marketing to with these contacts even easier.




Maybe you haven’t noticed them yet, or maybe you have. Maybe you’ve seen Tags when uploading contacts and wondered what they were for. Let’s have a chat about all that you can do with our newest feature Tags’.


Tags help you to create detailed, targeted marketing campaigns tailored to specific interests or common threads. This allows you to group contacts together that all may exist on other lists without having to shuffle them all around. Previously, you had to put all contacts that you wanted to group together by a certain interest into one list and send targeted messages that way. Not anymore!


Let’s take this scenario for example: let’s say that you are a restaurant and you have a few new dishes that you are featuring for that month and  you want to offer a special price for people born in the month of October. You’d be able to select all of your lists but only those with the Tag would receive the email. This way you wouldn’t have to sort through all of that when you were in a hurry to send out your email.  It’s a great way to target your audience and to keep notes that will help you be more precise with your email marketing.


Here’s how you’d begin:

Click the Plus button next to where it says Tags and create the tag name by entering the name and hitting enter.

Adding Tag.png



Then, when you are uploading a list or entering contacts into the account, in the section that says Tags, type in the first few letters of the tag you are looking for, and that tag will now be associated with the contact you are entering. If a tag does not exist, you can make one from right here by clicking the plus button. Here’s what it looks like:


Add Tags When Uploading.png


Now, if you wanted to do this in bulk, in the Excel/CSV file that contains contacts you’d like to upload, create a column with the header ‘Tags’ and populate that column with the data. (October Birthdays) Then, upload your file and assign Tags to the Tags column.  Here’s how it would look:


Uploading from File - Tags.png

You can also assign contacts to a Tag when they already exist in your account. Let’s say that you want to label some of your contacts as ‘VIPs’ because they regularly frequent your establishment. You can select the contacts you’d like to label for future targeted marketing campaigns so that they are all easily found without having to move them all to a certain extra list. Now, they can stay where they are. Simply select the contacts you want to label as ‘VIPs’ and hit ‘Manage Tags.’


Manage Tags List Selection.png


Finally, when you have set up your tags and organized your contacts with them, when you’re ready to send a more targeted email campaign, simply select your list, select ‘Narrow Down’ and send your email out the door to people who will be surprise that you knew exactly what they were interested in!


Narrow It Down.png



Here's some additional information: FAQ 4892-Tag Your Contacts


Let us know how Tags are helping YOUR business stay organized and execute more targeted and detailed marketing campaigns!

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Re: Tags! What they are and how they help you send targeted campaigns

FYI, this really doesn't help much since it doesn't show a column with Tags and whether or not you want to have multiple tags? For example, do you have to upload your whole list separately with one upload for October Birthdays and another for September Birthdays, etc.? Or can you have multiple tags in the tag column? And do the tags need to be created before the upload or will the upload create the tags?




Re: Tags! What they are and how they help you send targeted campaigns

Just got off the phone with support and they told me that:


1. You just need a column labeled tags.

2. If the tag isn't in the system, it will place it in the system with the upload.

3. You can upload multiple tags at the same time for the same record if they are separated by a comma (so don't use commas in your tags! They will split into two tags!)


Re: Tags! What they are and how they help you send targeted campaigns

Hello @MargaretG412 , 


I am glad that our support team was able to assist you with some information on tags.  It looks like they were able to answer all of the questions you had posted earlier.  


If you have any other questions, let us know!  

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