Targeted emails by location


Targeted emails by location

We have been using Constant Contact for several years but have recently added new business locations to our mailings. I want to be able to send an email to my "Nonprofit" email list to only those contacts who are interested when the event is in the "Richmond" area and not "Newport News" or "Virginia Beach". I thought I could have use three email lists - one for each location and then tag each contact with the area of interest - Education, Engineering, General Interest, NonProfit, Professional Development, Project Management. But I want people to be able to use our sign up form to choose what they want. I just realized that Tags can only be applied by me. I would hate for my sign up form to have 18 options! i.e. Richmond Education, Newport News Education, Virginia Beach Education, Richmond Engineering, Newport News Engineering....etc. Am I missing something? Please help!


Hello @VTRVA,


That is a great question!


One way to do this is to display all available lists on your sign-up form and allow your contacts to choose the correct location for them.


As an alternative your sign-up form will give the option to accept an address from your contacts. This field can be searched for by using the advanced search function on your contacts page. Once you do a search by location you will be able to add these contacts to the correct tag as needed. This would need to be done before sending any communication to be sure that the newest contacts are added to the correct tag.


Here are a couple links to help if you would like more information.


Advanced Search


Tagging contacts


I hope this helps. Feel free to reach out again if you have more questions!


-Curtis P
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