Templates Problems


Templates Problems

After I select a template, any template the new page loads then when template is finished loading it appears twice the size of the window it is being displayed in therefore causing the finished email to appear to customers as only half the template

Hello @JimB6597 ,


Thanks for reaching out to us. I see that you spoke with a support rep. shortly after this post. If you still need help, feel free to post here again or email us. Our email is Social_Support(at)ConstantContact(dot)com.

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Template doesn't look/work right in my browser.

Hello @TheGiftBoxB, sorry you are experiencing some difficulties viewing your campaign template correctly. Can you share with us more on which browser you are using and what types of display issues are you seeing? Is this a formatted template that you have been working on or an unformatted template? Please let us know so we can help to understand your display issues. Thank you.


I set up everything the way that I want , pictures text and everything and send by e-mail, I see a different result. It's missing text, things are not the way that I previous saw when I saved. It's not the first time.

Hello @AnnaB28


I apologize for any frustration this has caused. Before we can troubleshoot I would need more information. Can you tell me if you are seeing the issues when you send yourself a test email? If so, what is the email client you are sending the test to (gmail, outlook, yahoo, etc.)?  What is the name of the email campaign you are working on? Did you copy and paste any text into the email? Once you answer these questions I can suggest some troubleshooting steps. I have also included some helpful FAQs below for troubleshooting display issues. 


Make Campaign Emails Display Consistently

Display Issues in Specific Email Clients

Images Not Displaying in an Email Client


Lenszie V.
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