Temporary Hold Contacts Missing on Contact Management Dashboard


Temporary Hold Contacts Missing on Contact Management Dashboard

Hello all,

I am not seeing the listed contacts that have been on "Temporary Hold" under "Contacts" lists (the left side) on the Contact Management Dashboard. I am still on the old User Interface for the dashboard while other parts of the website on the new User Interface. I remember the "Temporary Hold" contact list used to be under "Unsubscribed" list, but now it has vanished. I tested, on myself, to put my own e-mail on "Temporary Hold" to see if it would appear again on the "Contacts" list. However, it never did appeared after putting myself on hold. Is this a glitch during the process of upgrading to the New User Interface? Or Is it somewhere else? How can I find the contacts that put on Temporary Hold in a alternative way? Finally, for the Contact Management Dashboard, when will the New User Interface available to everyone?


Hello @RickG72 ,


Are you able to elaborate on this temporary hold list? Neither I nor any of the teams I reached out to were aware of such an option existing in the same way that, for example, the unsubscribed or awaiting confirmation "lists" do. This is a feature of the Beta - being able to filter contacts based on their status type, but to our knowledge this hasn't been a thing in the standard contact management screen. At this time we don't have an ETA on the Beta going live for all customers.


We were able to use the export in Contacts to download your contacts and their permissions, then make a list from just the "Temporary Hold" permission-ed contacts. You can find this in your account as "Temporary Hold List."

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