Test Emails not Sending

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We have created emails that need to be tested. We have tried 5 different emails, 2 work, and 2 personal emails and they were not received. We sent a test email to someone from a different organization and they confirmed they received the test email. I created a blank email template to send it bounced back for my work and personal email.

I've gone ahead and done the self-authentication process and have contacted our IT to whitelist Constant Contact.


I've tried to call the Customer Support line and at the moment of writing, I have been on hold for 53 minutes. Am I missing something or doing something wrong? It's been about an hour since the test emails were sent. 

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Hello @ShaneFoster ,


When I test sent the email, it came through right away for my personal and work addresses. Based on the reporting of your live send "test," the bounces were explicitly blocked types. This generally means that the ISP or email program simply refused to accept the email, either because of its content, lack of authentication, or some other element 


Generally the best ways to address this is to 1) make sure if you're sending the emails internally that you have our domains safelisted, and 2) make sure you have self-authentication set up for your account.


If you need additional insight, or more specialized support regarding these processes and your emails' overall deliveries, I'd advise calling our Delivery team directly.

William A
Community & Social Media Support