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Text gets covered up by white space in Card/Announcement Email template


Text gets covered up by white space in Card/Announcement Email template

I frequently use the Card/Announcement Email template and it has a couple of annoying bugs. In the content block that has text, image and heading, (1) the image shows up on the left, and cannot be moved to the right. Every time I try to click on the part that should let you change the layout of the content block, the block above interferes. You cannot drag the image to the other side either. (2) This is important because when the image is on the left hand side, the first letters of the text to the right get hidden. They do not appear hidden in the draft, but if you send a test email the first letters of each line get covered up. This happens no matter what size the screen or window. Has anyone else had these problems and if so how have you fixed them? TIA


Hello @IWTO,


I apologize for this experience! We definitely want to get to the bottom of it. The information you have provided so far is extremely helpful but I ask that you send us an email at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with your username, the name of a campaign we can run tests on, and a reference to this post. We will investigate this and work toward a resolution.

Nick S.
Social Media & Content Manager

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