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Question. When people text to join your mailing list they are only asked to reply back with an email address. How do we get their first and last name automatically in our contacts along with their email from them and loaded?


Hi @RoseM712!


Thanks so much for reaching out here with your question about Text to Join! Currently, there isn't a way to automatically have the system update that contact with the customer's first name, last name, etc. It is a hotly requested feature that our Text to Join option has more details than just email address, so I would be happy to collect your feedback on that!


What I would suggest for now is that you set up your Welcome email (which people joining by any Constant Contact sign up method will receive) with a statement asking them to update their profile information using the link in the footer of the email. That way, anyone who signs up will be able to edit their contact details in the system, adding in information such as their first name and last name! You can also edit the Update Profile form to have the contact details you would like in the system if you go to the List Growth Tools page. Here are a couple handy FAQ/Tutorials on the Welcome email and Update Profile form! Please let us know if you have any more questions, or other feedback on this topic!



Gwendolyn B
Customer Engagement Specialist
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