The Soft Confirm & How to Use It!

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The Soft Confirm & How to Use It!

UPDATED: July 2018


The feature explained below is not  available in our 3GE emails. We apologize for any inconvenience that may be caused by the Permission Reminder option not being an available feature in these templates. As a work around we suggest  manually typing the permission reminder text at the top of your email, or using a 2GE template if you still have access to them in your account.




What is it?

A Soft Confirm is a link that you can add to the Permission Reminder in the Header Options of your emails.  It allows your contacts to confirm their interest in receiving your emails, without needing to send a Confirmed Opt In Campaign.  You will then be given Express Consent from any contact who clicks on the link.  Questions on the different types of consent, check out this link.  We call it a Soft Confirm, because even if your contacts do not click on the link you can still send them an email. 


How can I use it?

To add it to your email, edit the Header Options block in your email.  Then add the following text to the Permission Reminder box (please note the Permission Reminder Box needs to be checked off to edit the text and to be visible to recipients):  <ConfirmOptIn>Click here</ConfirmOptIn> to confirm your interest in receiving our emails.  After editing any other portions of the Header Options remember to click Okay, then Save to save the changes to your email. 

Header Options Edit.jpg


Soft Confirm.jpg


What will my contacts see after clicking the link?

Your contacts will be taken to a page that matches the formatting you have chosen for your Sign Up Form, they will see a message thanking them for confirming their interests.   


What are the benefits? 

Any contacts who have confirmed have a greater chance of emails being sent to them to go to their inbox.  After a contact has clicked on the Soft Confirm Link, they are noted in your account that they have double opted-in.  (The first opt in is when the contacts are added to the account, due to our Permission Policy we require that you have confirmation to email to any contacts that are added as Active to your account).  Once any contact is said to be Double Opted-In, emails sent to them are sent from different servers, where email is only delivered to contacts who have a double confirmed status.  These servers are rarely blocked, and can help to increase deliverability.  


Please Note:  Once a contact has confirmed their email address that field will no longer be editable within your Constant Contact account, if the contact changes email addresses, they can either use the Update Profile/Email link in the footer of the campaign or you can add the new email address as a new contact and remove the other address if it is no longer valid. 


We also have more things coming to Constant Contact in regards to this, CASL, and GDPR.  Check out our Blog Posts for the latest CASL updates and GDPR updates, or back here in the Community.

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