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Dear Support,

When someone unsubscribes from my mailing list, he receives the below confirmation. 

The problem is that this confirmation shows my previous logo/company name. Our company name and logo changed 5 years ago. But it still shows the old logo when people unsubscribe. See the screenshot here: 

Screenshot -constant.jpg


I can not find this logo in my account. Can you please help me to find it and replace it with the new logo? Thanks

Best regards,

Noushin Hashemi

Tour Coordinator / Supervisor

Toronto Fun Tours 


Phone: +1 416-477-2087

Cell: +1 416-897-3020



Hello @NoushinH8. You can update the image on the confirmation page by going to Sign Up Forms > Basic Landing Pages. Under "Update Profile", you'll click Actions > Edit. From there, go to Form Appearance and here you can switch out the logo. Here is a link to our Knowledge Base explaining how to update the Update Profile/Unsubscribe confirmation page. These steps say they are for the Update Profile form but they will also be reflected on the Unsubscribe page as well.


Caitlin M.
Community Manager