The permanent URL for recent campaign

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I am trying to embed my CC on my website. I send out a new one weekly and would like it to auto-update. Is there a permanent link to my most recent one? I know the archive trick but that won't work. I have considered signing up for the newsletter from an email and then embedding the new email body in but I'm not 100% sure how to do that either. If there is a way to get a link that is for the most recent CC rather than a different link to each so I don't have to manually update it each week that would be great.

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Hello @RichardB16 ,


Is there a reason the archive won't work for your needs? The archive widget works in a similar manner as what posting emails' permanent URLs directly to your website would do. Each email, once scheduled will generate a unique permanent URL that can be copied and pasted wherever you wish, but the webpage itself won't go live till the email has actually been sent. Otherwise there isn't a unique URL that would just automatically update with each sendout from your account.

William A
Community & Social Media Support