The suspended email address bounce category

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Why do emails that work outisde of constant contact are suspended in Constant Contact??
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Hello @TerryE455 ,


A contact is suspended when it's been sent several emails previously - either by you or another customer of ours - and they've bounced back as non-existent. I'd recommend checking out this article that covers what suspended bounces are, and how best to manage them.


If you decide to unsuspend an address from within your account, as a follow-up I'd recommend doing a Quicksend of the last email they were supposed to receive. If our system receives a report from their domain / ISP about them being 'non-existent' again, then they'll be put back into suspension. You can check this by going to the contact's engagement history right after doing the Quicksend.


If you're needing more than 10 addresses unsuspended at a time, then I'd recommend you call our Deliverability team for the unsuspension. They'll want to investigate why so many seemingly valid email addresses would be getting bounced back to us as non-existent. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support