Third Party Opt-in lists


Third Party Opt-in lists

This might be an obvious question, but searching for the answer here and online came up with nothing.


We are hoping to team up with some prize sponsors for an upcoming contest/event. One sponsor asked if there was a way of getting access to our list of participants' email addresses. I'm pretty sure that we can't just send them a list of people that signed up to the event mailing list (which is the only real "sign-up form" we have for this event), but would we be able to add an optional "Sponsor marketing Opt-In List" box to the signup form that i can then send to our partner/s?


Thanks for the advice!


Hello @AaronK39 ,


The only Compliant way to do this would be to specifically link to a sign up form that explicitly lets these signees know that they're signing up for another organization's mailings. Since our customers have to have either express or implied permission to send their emails, giving or selling your contacts to another company / organization is generally ill-advised. If your contacts are well-aware that you may provide their contact info to other companies / organizations, then it might be okay. The primary issue is contact consent to have their info shared to other companies.


Ultimately, I'd recommend you speak with our Account Review / Compliance team for the most specialized insight regarding this situation.

William D
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