This format is horrible


This format is horrible

have spent time working this 'beta' version, it is HORRIBLE... have had drafts lock up and then lose 1+hour of work!... only solution I was given was to cancel account, and start another one, then before paying ensure that the original format is the one I want...and I would not be able to use the same email .... Really??? what was once my go to email program that I have referred many others too, is now the last one I would recommend in the event that get dropped into this beta version... why did CC mess with a good thing?????

Hi @PatiR3


I'm so sorry to hear this. You're actually not in a "beta" version of our product. You're using our Toolkit layout which is pretty much the same as the older version but some things are rearranged differently. There is no change to the actual products that you use, just in how it looks.


It sounds like you may be experiencing difficulty with your connection and I'd like to give you this FAQ to help you troubleshoot. 


When you had the drafts "lock up", which browser did you use? Are you able to try another browser or that same browser in safemode/incognito mode?


Please try that and let us know should it happen again.