Thumbnail restoration any time soon?


Thumbnail restoration any time soon?

What's the latest word on whether and when Constant Contact might restore thumbnail images to the Campaign List?

Why did no one ever reply to my last post? I thought the All Star status meant that posting here would guarantee a response.


Hello @DougS873,

I am so sorry to hear that no one got back to you on your last post, we do our best to make sure everyone who posts here in the community gets an answer! As for the campaign thumbnails, this is something that our product team is currently researching and taking feedback on to determine whether they will implement it into the site again in the future. I will be sure to forward the feedback to our product team for you regarding this feature request, and you can also vote on the idea in our feedback section on the community by clicking here. Thank you for reaching out, have a great day!

Brandon A.
Community & Social Media Support

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Thank you for posting, @DougS873. As @Brandon_A mentioned, our teams are tracking the requests for thumbnails in the upgraded experience. I wanted to offer that we can set you up for email notifications in regards to this request if you would like. 


I also wanted to let you know that with your All Star status, you are guaranteed a response within the All Star VIP board within one business day. Posting in other areas of the Community will have different timeframes for responses. For example, if you post in one of the other Knowledge and Support boards you will receive a reply within 2 business days while posting in the Feedback area does not guarantee a response as this area of the Community is primarily for collecting feedback. 


If there are any specific posts that you would like more information on, please let us know and we can look into it for you. 


Happy Holidays and we hope you have a Great New Year! 




I'm already set up for email notifications on this topic. You should know, however, that being on this list only keeps me mad at Constant Contact because this is a VERY COMMON source of customer frustration, and CONSTANT CONTACT PROVIDES NO RESPONSE other than "we're still thinking about this." You have been thinking about it for more than a YEAR!!! 

On the other issue, I am not talking about a posting in the "other areas of the Community," and I am not talking about a reply that took 2 days instead of one. I'm talking about a posting dated NOVEMBER 2 in the All Star VIP Board--my response to a PRODUCT MANAGER, which apparently no one at Constant Contact deems worthy of a reply.

Constant Contact should STOP CLAIMING to value customer feedback because that claim from this company is a bold faced lie!

Now will this post also go unanswered?