Tracking Breaking Links


Tracking Breaking Links

I've been having a very odd problem with Constant Contact changing the links I enter and breaking them. In the campaign I'm working on now, if I enter a link, such as, and turn on tracking for that link, it all looks fine and works fine both as I'm entering the URL in the campaign (I can click the test arrow and it brings up the correct page) and if I bring up the compaign in preview view (again, if I click on the link it works correctly). But, when I send a test email the URL gets changed to remove the dot before "org". This, of course, breaks the link. I had some success with entering the URL as but that was not fully reliable. The only reliable solution is to turn off tracking. I tried re-entering the link. I tried deleting the link text completely and entering it again. I did both of those things multiple times without success. It certainly looks to me like there's a bug in your system.

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I noticed that when i hyperlink an image or a phrase - the link that i put in gets transposed into something else.  Ultimately it will get you to the specified address but we are experiencing that because of the re-route it is causing some networks to block the address. 


ie: gets transposed into the following




Please get back to me asap this is causing issues when sending my email blasts out to my contacts.


thank you.

That's being generated as a result of you asking it to be tracked.

Deselect that option for any link you don't wish to measure.






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Thanks so much!!! :smileyface:

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one last question -- will i still get my results? for those who view that link within the blast?

Nope.  You're asking for it not to be tracked.


We're doing this because you wanted the tracking code removed remember?





No i understand - i was inquiring as to why the hyperlink was actually changing - from what you said its changing so that it can be tracked. 


Thanks for all your help.


Hello @MegK291,


Thanks for reaching out. I checked the most recent draft in your account that has the URL from your post, and sent myself a test. In the test I received, all links in the email worked correctly. Could you try sending a test to yourself in a different browser or different email client (gmail, yahoo, outlook, etc) and see if that makes a difference for you? My browser doesn't have any extensions or plugins enabled so I'm wondering if maybe that could be causing the link to break on your end, trying a different browser that you don't typically use would most likely not have the troublesome plugin if that were the case. We look forward to hearing from you!

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I just had this exact problem happen except it dropped the / in the link address. Visually in the email it still looks like but when you click it it becomes http://website.orgextrainfo and obviously gives you the 404 error.  How do we avoid this if everything functions properly in tests, but suddenly breaks when sent to clients?

Hello @SUSANE21 !

I'm sorry to hear you're having some troubles with the links being used in your emails.
We've seen some similar cases of security software changing the links once the email is sent out.
Are you using any security software that could be doing this?


In the meantime i'd like to assure you that we are aware of the issue and working with those programs to prevent it. In the meantime we'd recommend adding a "view as webpage" link into your emails. If you are using our third generation editor, here are the steps to include that feature, Insert a "view as Webpage" Link into an Email. If it's a link being used in the body of an email, the webpage version will have the correct link.


None the less thank you for letting us know you are experiancing this issue!

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