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I'm new to CC and I'm finding it a breeze to use so far. I have run into one issue and I could use advice. In my efforts to scale down the amount of "programs" we use as a company, I switched over to CC. For reference, I'm running an SAT/Tutoring/Coaching company. 


Here is the issue. 

Joe Smith signs up for an SAT Class. 

I enter him into CC manually (I've already bulk uploaded over 500 students/1k parents)

Generally I would sent an individual email to Joe with all the information he needs. 

I'm trying to automate this now. 

I need to be able to add him to CC and trigger a premade email to be sent to him only, like a faux onboarding. 

The only way I've seen to do this is to add a tag or group. 

However, this will become tedious to remember to  remove Joe from the tag or list when I have several new students. 


Any tips? 

Thanks, JT


Hello @JoT645 ,


I'd suggest setting up your Welcome Email or a single-step automation series that triggers off of new list additions. That way new sign-ups, uploads, or contacts that you manually add to the list that triggers the automation will receive that singular "onboarding" email.


For an overview of automation options available

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