Trying to edit a date of a campaign that has been published


Trying to edit a date of a campaign that has been published

Is there a way to edit a date of a campaign that has closed because the date was today? It should have been a month from now!!!! All other information was correct and the date was in the title of the campaign. Is there a way to reopen the campaign and correct the date?


Thank you for any help! I have sent this flyer to over 350 people!


Hey there @CESNM ,


Are you referring to the name of the campaign, aka what's only found in our system for your filing purposes? Or was the incorrect date information in something your contacts would see (i.e. the subject line, preheader, body of email, etc.?)


If it was just the filename still showing old info (such as being copied from a previous event) then it shouldn't be seen by your contacts. If it was in something that was actually sent to them, then they would see the incorrect info, and you'd have to do a resend.


Looking in your account, I'm not sure which campaign you're referring to since there are lots of active and closed events. An even'ts basic info (such as date) can be edited at any time. But an email that's already been sent out cannot be changed as it's already in people's mailboxes. If the information was in an email, you'd have to issue a resend with the correct info.


Hopefully this information helps. Otherwise, please reply with the name of the campaign, and we'd be happy to look into this further for you.

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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