Trying to lower my overall contacts number...


Trying to lower my overall contacts number...

I want to decrease the overall number of contacts that I have. It's a very bloated list right now and I would like to drop down to the next pricing tier. I'm thinking of deleting all of my unsubscribed contacts (about 600) as well as my bounced/suspended list. Any thoughts on downsides to this?


Hi @ArtistryLtd,


Thank you for reaching out to us through the Community. Deleting your unsubscribed contacts will not really alter your billing price since unsubscribed contacts are not a factor to your billing payments. They are considered inactive contacts and we only charge based on how many active contacts you have within the account. For more information on how your billing works, please click here. We do suggest however, that you remove and delete certain bounced and suspended contacts within your database. There are no downsides to this since it is best to remove any contacts who are active and are adding to your billing, but are not being able to receive your mailing because of certain issues with their email addresses. The best option is to evaluate the bounce reasons for your contacts and follow the steps we provide for each type of bounce. 

For more information on understanding, managing and removing your bounces, please click here. In regards to the Suspended contacts, it is best to remove them from your database. If you believe that there are email addresses that are marked as suspended by accident, you can bring them to us and we can unsuspend them for you. Otherwise, feel free to remove them from your account. I hope this information helps. Please let us know if you need assistance with anything else! 

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