URL Links in email appear different once final campaign email is sent


URL Links in email appear different once final campaign email is sent

I've noticed that when I send out an email to a mailing list containing URL links, the link that appears in the delivered email (when hovering over link) appears very different than the actual link and site it directs to.  The odd part is when i send a test email to myself first, the URL in the email (when hovering over the link) appear normal and reads exactly as it should.  My concern is that many of my client's spam filters are picking up these odd URL links and sending it to spam.  In addition, most clients are hesitant to click on any links now-a -days that don't look "authentic".  I have noticed a large increase in unopened emails over the last year and also clients saying they aren't receiving them.  Could this be the case?


Thoughts/advice?  Thanks


Hello @JohnL751 ,


When you send a link in an email through us, the system adds coding to that link so it can be tracked for click reports. This is something that, by Compliance, needs to be attached to any links sent through us. The reason the links appear "normal" in the test sends is because only live sends will have the links re-coded for tracking.

If you're worried about emails not being delivered due to the coding on these links, it may be worth speaking with Deliverability and providing any examples of contacts you know for certain had the email filtered away from them. You may want to go through the steps to become self-authenticated, if you suspect the potential for spam filtering is significant enough. For more info on self-authentication, you'll want to bring it up with the Deliverability team.

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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