Unable to accept invitation to an account

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Trying to accept an invitation to an account. First it gave me an error message saying “Invitation cannot be redeemed because user already has linked accounts” So I found the solution to that it to log in to what account uses the email address and change the username in order to release the email to link it to another account. Then I tried to log in with that email address as the username, tells me no account with that username. I recover the username and it’s the username from and old account that I know has been canceled. so I reset the password and try to log into with the username it rocevered.  Now I get another error that says “Sorry, your user profile has been deactivated so you can no longer log in. Please contact the account owner for assistance.” How come an email address can't be used in multiple accounts?

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Hello @Albers ,


Email addresses can be used in multiple accounts. If you're having trouble updating your username for an account so you can be invited to another, I'd advise calling our general support so they can securely collect the info they need, and assist with making sure you're able to get added as a user for the new account. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support