Unable to save any changes


Unable to save any changes

I am editing a template, however, even when I DO NOT make changes, and select "Save", I receive an error message: 'unable to save because of URL' I have not added any URLs, no URL is specified, and I have not made any changes to the stock template. This is very disappointing.

I just spent two hours carefully creating an email campaign and I saved it faithfully. Then I saw the information just at the top right of the document I was doing that spoke to the html saving. I went to check it out and somehow lost all of me work! Help!!
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Hello@CherylM135  we hope you found your work or looked under the campaigns tab to view all of your previous campaigns you are working with. If not, I want to recommend making sure your Auto-save feature is turned on. To turn on/off your Auto-save feature just go to your settings by selecting the person icon in the upper right hand part of your screen. Select my settings and on the right hand side under “other” you will see the ability to turn on/off your Auto-save options. I hope you are able to find your work and it is not lost. If you need more assistance, please let us know.  Thank you.




All the text (not images just text) was removed from my current email campaign, it would be nice if paying for something didn't cause it to immediately suck.

Hi GlendaB75

I am very sorry to hear this, this should not have happened! Can you help with some additional information?


What is the name of the email this happened in?

What browser are you working in?

Is all the text gone or just some?


I see you have a campaign scheduled right now in the account, were you able to resolve the issue with the text in this version?



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From 5:45 - AM to 6:00 this morning I was working on making changes to an existing campaign. Every time I added a new block I got an error message that my changes could not be saved. I logged out and logged in again. We are seeing this saving issue in a number of accounts in recent weeks What is up? Are other's seeing these issues?
Lorraine Ball
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Hello @Roundpeg (Lorraine), 


I am sorry that this was happening in your account.  Are you still experiencing this error now?  I tested within a copy of a campaign in your account and could not see this error.  If you are still getting this error can you test in a different browser to see if you get it there as well please?  

We are seeing it intermittenly in that account, and it is popping up in others. We have also had issues with emails not displaying properly on some phones and browsers. 


Anything you can suggest?

HI @PamT42

I am sorry to hear you are seeing messages like this. We're happy to help. Can you help with some details?


- What browser are you usually working in when this happens?

- Is there any action that causes an error or does it seem random?

- Can you screenshot the error next time you get it and email it to us?

- Are you pasting content into your email from another source?

- Are you copying the same template to use again?

- Are you on a work or home network?

- Where in the world are you located? General area is fine!


Thanks for your help, 



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