Unsubscribe From Specific Lists


Unsubscribe From Specific Lists

I would like there to be an option for people to unsubscribe from a mailing list but still remain on the others that they are subscribed too. This way, if someone on our end tried to re-add them by uploading a large list of people, then the person who unsubscribed will not be added.



John is on List "A" and "B". He decides to unsubscribe from list "A" but stay on "B". John signs up for an event with others, and part of signing up is being added to list "A". John didn't see the notice or didn't read the text explaining this (it happens). The event holders download the list, and go to import these new contacts and add them to list "A". What happens to John? Does he get added to list "A" again or does the system know he doesn't want to be on that list?


Also, I have multiple mailing lists and we have people who were on different ones and some would unsubscribe from others. When I went to import my lists, I am not able to upload the unsubscribers so that the system knows that John doesn't want to be added to list "A" again.


I just want to make sure that someone on our end, when uploading lists of contacts, doesn't re-add someone that doesn't want to be on that list.


Hi @KevinB2142 


Thank you for reaching out about your contacts. The example you have provided definitely help to understand what you are looking to accomplish.  Have you tried customizing your "Update Profile" form? The good news is you can customize your form and select contact lists you want to display on it. Doing this will allow your users to select which specific lists they wish to be removed from when going through the unsubscribe process. However on the other hand, with uploading our system only recognizes unsubscribes from the full account not from a specific list. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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