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I wanted to test the Update Profile link in the footer of a new campaign (a feature I have long ingnored). I sent a test message to myself at the address that's in the account's database.


The message I received did not show the recipient address for the Unsubscribe link, it showed the message's 'From' address. The Update Profile link did nothing, no email was sent to me.


I've checked all the email settings, I've tried different browsers, I've looked through many pages in this forum and have wasted a lot of time getting nowhere.


Any suggestions?


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Hello @CALC-Lane. When sending a test to yourself, the email address next to Unsubscribe will show the account owner's email, not your own, and the Update Profile link will not work. Both of these will function correctly once the email is sent out and the email address in the footer will show the recipient's address if they wish to unsubscribe.


Caitlin M.
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Got it - the TEST command doesn't fully emulate the emailing process. To bad, that would be helpful.


My problem is unresolved. Let me reiterate.

We have about a dozen lists, and I'm subscribed to five lists with my personal email. When I click the Update Profile button and go through the verification steps I land on a profile page that contains only contact fields, no access to lists to which I'm subscribed. The only options are two radio buttons: "Unsubscribe me from all mailings" and "I wish to continue receiving occasional mailing based on my interests."


This, in spite of each page of the verification process saying that I will be able to change my areas of interest. Also, the thread, "How does the Update Profile form work?" says, "[contacts can] Remove themselves from lists that no longer interest them, without unsubscribing from all of your emails." Also, the thread, "What do my contacts see when they click the "Update Profile" link?" says, "4. Once they click the link in the email, they're taken to the Update Profile Form, where they can update their contact information and select the specific mailing lists..."

None of this happens when I click that link.


Continuing to search the forum, I found a message from Moderator William_D in Feb 2022 that said, "you can setup your unsubscription process to give your contacts an opportunity to opt into and out of certain lists, as an alternative to wholly unsubscribing from you. Using the *Update Profile system,* you can include this as an alternative link in your email footer, which contacts can select to update their list..."


This appears to address my problem. I searched on 'Update Profile system' and found no instructions on how to set this up. I searched on "unsubscription process" and found nothing there, either.


I give up. I'm going to remove the UP button, then add a footer block to the bottom of the campaign message that explains what the Unsubscribe bottom does, and if they're on multiple lists, contact us and we'll do it manually.


I've spent hours on this issue. I strongly suggest CC hire a couple of good technical writers to straighten out your Help files. It will save you money by reducing Moderators' efforts, and it will reduce the frustration of your clients.

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Hi @CALC-Lane,


Thank you for that assessment. I apologize you weren't able to figure out how to edit the Update Profile form itself. I've dropped an anchor on this knowledge base article on where you can update the Update Profile form. You'll be able to choose which lists are visible for them to select from. 

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