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I would like to know when Constant Contact is going to fix the glitch in your system that unsubscribes people on its own. We get probably two to three complaints each month from people who inform us that they aren't getting our newsletter and when we investigate we discover that they have been unsubscribed AND THEY didn't do it. This has been happening for years and needs to be fixed or we will need to look at a more reliable email vendor.


Hi @Rev. Dr. RichardH1228942901,


I'm very sorry that this has been a continuing issue for your subscribers. When one of your subscribers show as unsubscribed, when they did not initiate that, it's usually because they have forwarded the email from their inbox. Then, the recipient of the forwarded email clicked to Unsubscribe or Report Spam. So, the subscriber who originally forwarded the email will be unsubscribed. We try to lessen this occurrence by asking those who unsubscribe to confirm their email address on the safe unsubscribe page, so they aren't unsubscribing someone from the wrong email address. If you have any other questions or concerns, please do feel free to reach out here, or give our support a call here!


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