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Unsubscribed reason reporting



I am looking a bit more into our newsletter data and I was wondering if there is a way to export all unsubscribed data (especially the reasons they chose to unsubscribe) in a specific range, rather than by email. Is this possible? 




Hey @saskiam1,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!

That is a great question! You have two options for exporting unsubscribed contacts. The first option is exporting those contacts on a campaign by campaign basis. Click Here for more information on that process.

The next option would be to export all of your unsubscribed contacts. You can do this by going to the contacts tab. Once you are there you would click on “Unsubscribed” on the left side of the page. Once you are viewing those unsubscribed addresses, click the little check box next to name, click the export button then check off the information that you want included on that export file. Finally click the blue export contacts then your export file will be found on the “Activity” tab on the top side of the contacts page. Unfortunately at this time there is not a way to pull an unsubscribed report within a specific date range.

I hope that this helps but please let us know if you have additional questions. Thanks!


Evan G.
Customer Engagement Specialist
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