Upgrade really a downgrade?


Upgrade really a downgrade?

I issue newsletters every quarter, so I just logged on to your new system. With the old system, I maintained a page of my archived newsletters, and it was very easy to do that with the old system. I just called tech support, and it seems that the new system doesn't allow me to maintain a page of archived newsletters. How can readers access an archived newsletter? The new system seems like a step backwards. Thanks for listening -- Steve

Hello @SteveV21,


I am sorry for any frustrations caused by the change in the Archive feature. With the new Archive, instead of having a landing page it provides you with an embeddable widget you can add right on your website. The HTML code for this can be found by clicking on the gear wheel next to Archived Campaigns when viewing the Campaigns tab.



A window will appear where you can highlight and copy the HTML and then embed it on your site.


While we are not currently providing a landing page for archived campaigns under the new version I do see the support agent you spoke with did track your feedback so our product teams know this is something you would like back.


Additionally, we provide short URLs with each of your sent campaigns which you can take and create your own archive webpage. This FAQ will show where you can find the short URLs.


I do apologize for any inconvenience this causes you but we do appreciate our customers reaching out to us with their feedback and concerns. I encourage you to post other feedback and ideas you have in our Feedback area so other customers can participate in the discussion and add to the idea.


Nick S.
Social Media & Content Manager

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