Upload of document does not reflect correct name

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Upon uploading a document to the library rather than reflecting the correct name, the visual appears to be a name from a previous similarly named document; re: old document name = member info_082222 new document name = member info_090922. Upload screen reflects old document name. Upon do a listing of the library, the listing reflects the name of the new document. This is annoying and time consuming as the system does not reflect the name of the new document.

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Hello @ALGP_News ,


Can you provide screencaps of this occurring - such as a screencap of the document's correct name showing in the upload screen, then a screencap of the document that was just uploaded showing with the incorrect somewhat-similar wrong name? Is this occurring in the actual Library tab, or is it occurring in the pop-up window for uploading and inserting documents in an email?

William A
Community & Social Media Support