Use of PDF's on website

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Use of PDF's on website

In a community post from 2014 I found this note regarding the use of PDF's of our newseltter on our website:


"Please Note: It's a violation of our terms to host a PDF version of your newsletter on your website. You can instead use Email Archive to host your email and share the link to your Archive Homepage on your website."


Is this policy still part of the terms of use? 


If yes, could you instruct me on how to use the archive to share the newsletter on our website?


Thank you for your help.


Hello @CyndiS27,


Thank you for reaching out to us about this. While we don't allow PDF versions of the emails to be used on a personal website (per our Terms and Condition), there are a few ways you can still host emails on them. If you would like to learn about the Archive feature, that is certainly a great tool that allows you to set up a list of emails to be linked on your site. Our FAQ on the new Archive tool provides some screenshots and details on how this works.


However, another option that you might like to know about is the ability to simply just get a shareable link for your emails that you can use. You can easily access these links for any of your sent out emails. Once an email is sent out, you can click on the actions tab to right of a sent email on your Campaigns page and you will see a "Short URL" option in the dropdown menu. This web link is essentially the same link that the Archive feature generates and allows for easy copy and pasting to your website, and links to a web-page version of the email.


Here is a screenshot on how to access this:



I hope this helps.

Jonathan Rich
Community & Social Media Support

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