Use the Next Best Time to Send Option

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Use the Next Best Time to Send Option

There used to be an option for, Best Time to Send. Now when I read the help article, There is still a spot for instructions on: 

  • Use the Next Best Time to Send Option - When you schedule and send an email we automatically calculate the best time to send your email based on your contacts' open history. If you don't have enough history yet, we default to general industry trends to help you land in your contacts' inbox at the right time.

But when I got to schedule my latest email, that option is not there.


Hi @KyleH07


Thanks for bringing your question to the community. I've taken a look at your account, and it looks like you were using our Second Generation Editor (2GE) until late last month. Your newest email is in our Third Generation Editor (3GE). At this time, the "Best Time to Send" feature is not available for 3GE. I've tracked your interest in adding this feature to our 3GE emails, and set up a case to notify you once our product designers have come to a decision regarding this request.



Nate M. 
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I have the same issue. Why would you remove functionality in a supposedly upgraded editor?? Very frustrating.