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Using Old Templates


Using Old Templates

I have a situation that could really use the older templates where the edit features allowed you much more freedom. Specifically, I absolutely need to indent a portion of the text throughout the email WITHOUT using bullets or numbers. These new templates don't allow for indenting unless you use the bullet or number feature. 


I copied an old saved email, using the old template with the old formatting features. Everything looked the way I wanted it in edit mode, but when I previewed it and then after sending a test email, the background of the email is totally black. Everything is blacked out. I am not sure why.


Can someone help me? 


And - Constant Contact - PLEASE add an edit feature to the new templates for indenting entire paragraphs or single lines WITHOUT having to use a bullet or number to do so. 


Thank you.


Hello @JenniferD67 ,


Our engineers are still looking into making indentation work properly within the mobile templates. I've gone ahead and gotten your information and request submitted to them. If and when they have an update on the request, they'll notify you directly.


Regarding the coloring issue, it's likely a perpetuated issue in the legacy template being used in that test. You can try going into the HTML to see if the background or text highlight is set for a color other than the white you have set for the rest of the block's inner background. These types of issues can crop up in the legacy editor a bunch with hidden or erroneous coding that only shows up in Previews and Test Sends, especially if the text is copied from elsewhere and not pasted with formatting removed.(i.e. CTRL+SHIFT+V).

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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