Using Quicksend to send to your Did Not Open list


Using Quicksend to send to your Did Not Open list

Your “Did Not Open” report can be very valuable for you to see who isn’t engaging with your emails. We do have an easy way for you to send those people another email to see if they are interested in engaging with your moving forward.


In my example, I sent an email and would like to send the people who didn’t open that email an email I have called “Did Not Open Email”. This second email is meant to get people re-interested in my mailings by asking them to respond if still interested.


You can resend any email to up to 5000 contacts and you'll be able to choose from the last 20 campaign emails sent, including emails, survey invitations, and event emails. Please note, you won’t be able to Quicksend to anything scheduled or in draft status, only sent campaigns.


To Quicksend to your Did Not Open list:

1. Login and Click Emails > Reports
2. Click any hyperlinked number to the right of your email name.
3. Click “Did Not Open” on the left


4. Select all or some of the contacts you want to Quicksend to.

5. Choose More Actions > QuickSend
6. Pick the email you want to Quicksend to your contacts.


How are you using Quicksend in your account? Let us know below!

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