Using template and "Learn More" link

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Using template and "Learn More" link

when using a newsletter template, the bottom of one block has "Learn More" at the bottom of the paragraph. I want users to click on it and go to Page 2 of the newsletter. How do I accomplish this?
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Re: Using template and "Learn More" link

Hello Thomas, 


You can use the Learn More link to link to a PDF, if you want to create one that has page 2 of your newsletter. If you have the information on a website you can also use the Learn More link to direct them to the correct url or even insert a Read More block.  


I hope this helps, if you have any other questions feel free to reply to this post.   

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Re: Using template and "Learn More" link

Are you talking about being taken to a different place in your email?


You can use the anchor link to take readers to a different part of your newsletter.

They is no concept of page one or page two.  The email is just one long "single page" in someones email reader.


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Re: Using template and "Learn More" link

Thanks Tony!  I always forget about using Anchors for the "Learn More" links.  


@ThomasR524 This would be another great solution for you.  You could have the shorter articles towards the top of your email, then use anchor links to link to the remaining piece of the article that is in a lower section of the campaign.  Here's how:

You will want to place the Anchor where you want the link to go and name it (no spaces in the name), so this would be towards the end of the email where the remaining parts of the article are.  Then when editing the Learn More link, under type you choose Anchor, and then choose the anchor where you want it to go.  


Let us know if you have any questions!  


Link to show more text?

In order to slim down my newsletter I would like to create different fields (which is easy enough) and hide information after a certain point so that the letter does not look too text heavy. Is there a way to create a link that reveals more information on a certain topic in the newsletter when clicked? like a show more button?


Re: Link to show more text?

Hi @TheLighthouse

Great question! Read More links can be handy for shortening your email. 


Do you have the content elsewhere online that you could link to? If so, you can include a link in your email to that information. If you don't have it online the only other option is to include a paragraph of content at the top of the email and link to the rest of the content further down the same page. This is called an Anchor Link. Unfortunately there is not a way to host the information within your account.


Hope this helps, 

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