Video Pop-Up only in test email

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Video Pop-Up only in test email

Our organization tends to prefer making an image thumbnail that looks like a video and link to our Youtube channel rather than using the video option in Constant Contact. This is simply because of the aesthetics of the look since the video thumbnail has those black bars on the top and bottom.  I noticed recently that when I send a test to myself and click on the image to play the video, the YouTube link opens as a pop-up within in my email. I then sent myself the email officially and found that the same thing did NOT happen. When I clicked on the image, it brought me to a new tab where I could watch the video on YouTube. We would prefer to have the video open as a pop-up and I'm unsure why it was different for the test email. Can you please advise?


Hello @awood,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I can definitely understand how useful it would be to be able to open your video as a pop-up directly from the email client. You mentioned that you were able to accomplish this with a test email that you had sent to yourself. Would you be able to forward this email to us? We have tried a few different test emails, but we were unable to replicate what you experienced. Here is a few things that could assist us with researching this:


1 - A forwarded message of the test email you received that allowed you to view the video as a pop-up,

2 - The username to your Constant Contact account,

3 - The name of the campaign you were working on,

4 - A screenshot of what you were able to see, if possible,

5 - A reference to this post.


This information can be emailed to us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com so we can further investigate this for you. Feel free to add any additional information to this email that could assist us with the research. 

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