WPForms Constant Contact Integration


WPForms Constant Contact Integration

Hi, we are new to WP Forms and are REALLY enjoying it so far integrating it with Constant Contact If someone signs up for something using a WP Form, their email should get tossed over to specific lists in Constant Contact using the conditional formatting. That part I have figured out. However, I've noticed that if someone signs up for something and they are in our database already, it doesn't add them to any lists. Is there a way to fix this or circle around it?


Hey There @MMofA !


I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying using Constant Contact with your integration! Now as for the difficulties you're experiencing with existing contacts and adding in new contacts we'll have to do a bit more troubleshooting here.


  1. What list in your account should these contacts from WordPress be added into?
  2. Is this just affecting all existing contacts, or just some existing contacts?
  3. Are new contacts also not being added to the lists? Or if new contacts are being added to lists, what list are they being added to?


This can help us determine if the integration is functioning properly.


Since this is a bit account specific we'd appreciate if you could please email us your answer to social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com. Please include your username and a reference to this post.


But if you're looking for a solution sooner, we have a dedicated team available by phone if you prefer! You can click here to contact our customer support team!

Brigitte P
Community & Social Media Support

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