Want to Upgrade to Toolkit but CC Takes Ages to Do It

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Want to Upgrade to Toolkit but CC Takes Ages to Do It

One of my clients wishes to upgrade her email marketing account to Toolkit Essential and I've informed Constant Constant last week. I've received an email it will be processing soon but until now there is still now news of confirmation.


  1. Why is that Constant Contact needs to take so long to upgrade an account?
  2. Why can't Constant Contact makes it easier for customers to upgrade their account by a click?

It is very difficult for partner like us to sell Toolkit if Constant Contact does not reply promptly.


My apology if this is not a right place to highlight this but I've emailed to partner email and there is no response.





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CTCT has had huge growing pains with the ToolKit rollout (IMHO).


I wouldn't rush if they are not moving along too quickly.  There is a reason.

I still have not had my Solution Provider account upgraded, first they told me it was because I was using folders, so I deleted them, then they told me my account wasn't capable of upgrading, REALLY  ARGH .....


For my customers it's more expensive from what they are using. For example the autoresponder is no longer included in the basic email version.  That was a shock to me. In most cases its $30 more for the same service (BASIC level)


Also note there are really no organizational tools available in ToolKit such as folders for organizing all your campaigns. For large accounts this is aweful.


May I ask what the impetus is to upgrade?


We need a Solution Provider Message board to share stories don't we.



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Tony, I couldn't agree more!


At one hand, CC is encouraging us to ask our clients to upgrade but on the other hand, they couldn't provide timely support. My client has been chasing me for a week asking me how to upgrade but I really don't have an answer. This makes me look very bad as I was the one who encouraging her to upgrade.


I hope CC could seriously look into it urgently. If you are not ready then don't rush us to cross sell or up sell & drop us into different tier level saying we can't meet your target. We've tried our best but have you?