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Website: Subpage and search-function?

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Website: Subpage and search-function?



I just launched my website, and now I'm wondering few things.


All the pages I create will be https://DOMAIN/PAGE-NAME.

Obviously, with a lot of products or pages you want to create Sub-pages that are under a main page. So URLs would be https://DOMAIN/CATEGORY/PAGE-NAME. Hopefully this is possible in a way or another.


Another thing is Search/filter function in the page. if you have like tens of sub-pages presented in one page, it would be nice to search or filter the products/pages. A search bar in the navigation bar would be a nice thing, where you could search all the content on all pages on the website.


My page is about information, and at the moment, there is no commercial content. So, i haven't tried the E-commerce functions.


Hello @user8368663 ,


While you can definitely create "sub pages" that are linked to in the main pages, there are some limitations. Our website builder team is still developing the subpage menu functionality (i.e. the top menu navigation bar showing subpages). They're also still working on an internal search function for websites and online stores.

Regarding the URL setup for the products' sub pages, the devs wanted to relay that the URL is going to read as " https://domainname/store/product/p_123 ". So at this time changing individual URL names for specific products isn't possible for the online store part.


Did you have any other questions or feature requests you'd like me to bring up with the website builder devs?

William D
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Hi William!


Thanks for the reply!


Yeah, my intention at the moment is not to set up a store, so what I would like to have, is eg. if I have high level page named "Health and Safety", and under that I have sub-page named "Working Ergonomics", the Working Ergonomics page's URL would be DOMAIN/health-and-safety/working-ergonomics. I believe Google would appreciate this, and it would make working with Google Analytics easier. Of course the drop down list from the top navigation bar would be awesome also!


One more thing! I ran into some kind of bug with the site settings. I once added a YouTube channel to the social accounts, and I've removed it like 30 times. No matter if i save the data, and save the build after removing it, it comes back every single time I open the builder. Same thing with the Accessibility language. I don't actually even know what it does, but anyways, it changes to English every single time, no matter what it's set to and saved. So, every time before publishing the site, I have to remember to change these.

Hi @user8368663,


Thank you for that additional feedback! I've forwarded to our website team and they are taking it under review.


I also mentioned the weird issue you were experiencing. They asked if you could try using a new browser when deleting the video and publishing the site. They think it might be a caching problem, but need more information to be sure. If you reply here with your findings, I can get it back to them. Thanks!

Nick S.
Social Media & Content Manager

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Hi @Nick_S.!


Thank you for your reply!


The problem is not in the Publishing process, it works nicely! If I remove the Youtube-channel right before publishing, it wont go in to the website. Its all about the saving.


I tried Edge, and Mozilla, but result was the same. Delete Youtube-channel from social section -> Save settings -> Save current build -> Go away from the editor -> Go back to the editor -> Youtube channel is there again.


Of course I can try if it makes a difference if i Publish the site on Mozilla or Edge without the youtube-channel link, but i would guess that the Publishing doesnt affect the saving..?

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It doesn't answer the question of how to include a subpage and how to populate the pages with information.

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What are the steps to create the sub pages? I'm adding in the Parent product name in the category and then the children as a sub categories underneath it , but they all end up on the main page with all products. Example: If a toothpaste company was called "Sparkle Teeth" and they had different product divisions like: Toothpaste, Whitening Strips, Electric Toothbrush. Under each one of those categories there would be Toothpaste: Tarter Control Toothpaste, Whitening Toothpaste, Fresh Breath Toothpaste. I don't want all the Toothpaste's children products to appear on the main page of my store. I only want the Parent to appear. Then when I choose the Toothpaste Parent, I would like to show an image of the different products, not just a drop-down with the name listings.


Is this possible?


I hope this make sense and maybe this would be considered an add-on to the FREE version offered.