Website Will not Load


Website Will not Load

For the past week my home screen for linked in has done a terrible job with loading. The links you can click on from the main page never work and I am unable to start new campaigns.


Hello @StephanieMathews,


I wanted to check and see if you could clarify the issues you are having; are you seeing slowness on Linked In or Constant Contact? If you are having trouble with Constant Contact, we can definitely help! Have you tried accessing Constant Contact in a different Internet Browser, and does the slowness still happen there? If it does not help, it could be that your Internet is running a little slow. It does take greater than 2 MBPS up speed and down speed to get the best experience out of Constant Contact. If you could run an Internet speed test and let us know what the numbers are for up/down/ping, that would be much appreciated as we continue to troubleshoot. Please also take a look at this FAQ about troubleshooting connectivity issues.



Gwendolyn B
Customer Engagement Specialist
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