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I used to be sooooo happy with Constant Contact. I have been a user for years and I have been advising clients and friends to use you forever. What is happening though? On weekends there is no support. I work on my business all week. I am out with clients and doing sales calls. The only time I have to work on marketing is on the weekend and there is NO HELP ON WEEKENDS. Nobody in the call center and nobody on chat and not even a place to send an email. I have gone from being super happy and in love with your company to very, very frustrated. So much has changed in the dashboard. I was forced to adopt the new model and I can't find older emails to use the same template again. Speaking of templates, where are all the choices. There is no way to search my old emails or events. New events are lost in the event campaigns with old ones taking priority in the list. And search is there for the templates but it does not work. I type in social media and not one social media template that has been there for years is available to see. There used to be so many choices by typing in a keyword. Now it sucks so bad and there is nobody to call to ask if I just cant see it, or if someone without intelligence has removed the options. I am confused. Right now the only thing that is holding me here is the fact that I have spent so much time building the auto-responders that I don't want to do it again somewhere else. Where is the love???

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I'm with you CIBN! I'm new to CC and it's a major pain to not be able to reach anyone (including chat) on the weekend. Major customer service flaw. Here are some alternatives:



Hello @CIBN,


Thank you for bringing your concerns to the Community. I am happy to assist today and hopefully shed light on some ways to make the product work better for your needs. 


The first thing I want to establish is we do offer limited weekend support! We offer support channels through Twitter, Facebook (leave us a post on the Constant Contact page), and right here on the Community. These channels are monitored 10AM-8PM ET on Saturdays and 10AM-6PM ET on Sundays.


You shared a lot of different points within the product that I want to address to the best of my ability. Some features, like being able to search for previous email campaigns, are being tracked and reviewed by our developers and I would be happy to do so for any features you feel are missing from the account.


  • If you can provide me with the names and (estimated) created/sent dates of the email campaigns you are looking for, I can assist with trying to locate them.
  •  The default sorting option is "Last Modified," which might show some older events before current active events. If you want to view the more recent, active events you can sort by "Start Date Newest." 
  • The template picker has been updated to highlight only templates created with our third-generation editor. That does mean a lot of templates previously available are no longer there, but they also were no longer optimized for the current editor or mobile platforms. If you have any suggestions for templates you would like us to include, let me know and I can submit it to the appropriate team!

If there are any other concerns I can address, please let me know. I want to make sure we do what we can to improve your experience with Constant Contact!



Nick S.
Social Media & Content Manager

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I agree completely. The changes make it less user friendly.

I Have been using them for almost 8  years and was so happy. No customer support on weekends and no email is just stupid. NO email? From an email based marketing company ? I have been double billed for a year now and no one will respond. I used to have two accounts, they closed one yet I am being billed and for two and my database in the closed account is missing also, yet each month the money is taken on my credit card. I have been with them for years but  is looking pretty good right now.

NOT happy.



Thank you for reaching out to the Community. I am sorry we currently do not provide your preferred method of support. I can definitely understand why it would be important for you to be able to communicate with us through the channel of your choice when you need us. I will submit your concerns to the right department so you are heard.


I do apologize your billing issues have not been addressed. Please email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with your username and a reference to this post and we will certainly take a look into this for you.

Taryn Leinweber
Community & Social Media Support

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