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Standard Plan here. We are going offer to send free social media contact to our customers 1x a week. We have created a Sign Up Landing Page for them and customer signup will be on-going. On Standard plan, are we limited to 10 steps (for example, email + time delay) in any drip campaign? So it's NOT possible to send more than 5 weekly emails in any one campaign? If we upgrade to Premium plan, is it possible to create a 52-week drip campaign? Or is there a different approach we can take?
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Hi @VickiH79. I see that you were able to connect with our chat support but I'll provide information here as well. With the Standard plan, there is a ten-step limit. The Premium plan allows for a maximum limit of 30 steps which would not cover a 52-week campaign. At this time, there aren't any plans that support a year-long campaign.


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