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Welcome Automation not Sending

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Welcome Automation not Sending

Hi Experts,


I just set up a welcome email that is an automation campaign, which is set to send out whenever a new contact signs up on our website. The email contains a free ebook from us, and the place on our website where the person can sign up is through a HelloBar integration, where we promote joining the site so that it sends the free ebook and they get entered into a giveaway.


Hellobar is connected to Constant Contact with the specific list we want it to go to. However, when I just tested it, I did not receive the automation email! In fact, for some reason when I activate the welcome email automation, it says it will send out to anyone who signs up on our sign-up form.


In theory, regardless of the integration with Hellobar (and not a sign up form) it should be sending when anyone is added to the list regardless of where they came from (like a landing page) is that not correct? I am able to see when I log in to Hellobar that my test email contact was added to the list in CC, but I don't see it when I go to CC. Please help!


Thank you




Hello @LYNQ ,


Welcome emails are specifically tailored types of automation that only trigger from constant contact forms adding new sign ups. They don't trigger from manual additions or from 3rd party integrations beyond what's recognized in the marketplace.


For your purposes, I'd recommend using a single-step advanced automation series for your welcome email. These series can be explicitly set up to trigger from any addition to the specified list(s).

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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Hi William,


Thanks so much. I just tested this out and it works. There's a bit of a delay but all that matters is it works. Thanks for your help!