Welcome Email and Autoresponder don't work


Welcome Email and Autoresponder don't work



I am Sinziana. I have a problem with the welcome email and autoresponder...they don't work, the emails didn't arrived to my readers. can you please help me?

Thank you!



Sinziana Romanescu

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Re: Welcome Email and Autoresponder don't work

Hi @SinzianaR0


Thanks for your question. I took a look at your account and all of your contacts have been added by you. The Welcome Email only goes out to those that sign up via your SignUp form. To access your SignUp Form, you can go to Contacts > Signup Tools link at the top of the page.


If you want people to receive the Welcome Email, you'll want them to make sure they sign up using that URL.


Hope that helps!

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Welcome email

Welcome email does not work!!! When someone signup to the list I want to send welcome email IMMEDIATELY> Let me know how to achieve that.
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Re: Welcome email

Hello @mikew997


The Welcome Email within your account has been turned on since 11/7 in the afternoon.  Were you testing prior to this? Also, could you have been testing an email address that was already listed on the account?  If so, then the Welcome Email will not send because the contact is already within the account.   I tested the Sign Up Form URL from the account and received the Welcome email directly after signing up, so it seems to be working for new contacts. 

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Welcome Email - not working!

Tried and tried and tried and we can't figure out why we're not getting welcome emails! Could you help? http://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/manage/optin?v=001Cpagmd9m5dgU4PjZOnrmHwGYABCvYU0iQYC8sxGDSK4... Not sure if that will render for you, the form works, but the welcome email is not there. Could it be that I am signing up multiple times and therefore not sending the welcome email again?
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Re: Welcome Email - not working!



Its working fine.  It won't resend to someone who has already joined.

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Re: Welcome Email - not working!

You're quite welcome ...

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Welcome Email Not Working

I'm new to Constant Contact and am having trouble getting the welcome email to send. I've tried signing up three different emails three different ways (adding my self, text-to-sign-up, and with the URL for the sign-up form) and none of these emails have received it. I have been able to send a test email but the automation does not seem to be working. What am I doing wrong?

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Re: Welcome Email Not Working

Hello, @AustynT9 We are sorry you are experiencing any troubles receiving the welcome email. I did go and copy the URL associated to the sigh up form and pasted it into a new browser tab and sign up. I did receive your Welcome email and wanted to assure you it is working.


Just to make you aware of how the sign-up form works are, any time a new contact joins your list through a Web Sign up form or any other signup methods offered by Constant Contact (including the Facebook App, Text-to-Join, etc.) they receive you Welcome Email. If you are still having any troubles with this please contact us through one of our support channels through chat, email or phone support by calling the special phone listed at the top of your page for new users. Thank you and welcome to Constant Contact.


RE: Autoresponder Emails Not Working

Hello, I am having ongoing issues with autoreponder not working.I understand there were issues with the program not working end of August; but understood all those problems were resolved, and our autoresponders would now send without a hitch.  


I set up a 4 part series on 8/26. Part 1 seems to go out; but parts 2, 3 and 4 seem blocked. Although I can confirm, for example, that autoresponder 1's went on a date, 9/1 (for example), only 1 of those 5 gets sent out on autoresponder 2. There seems to be ongoing "queues" building up with emails that are never sent. Please help!

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