Welcome Email formatting, bugs, and other issues


Welcome Email formatting, bugs, and other issues

The welcome E-mail format has a lot of bugs and does not allow me to customize, format, hyperlink, or initiate a drip sequence. 


1. Bugs.  It is showing content that I have not placed into the wizard process/form: 


and then it shows as:


Notice the repeat of a different paragraph 1 that is not present in the wizard form for the welcome letter.


2. Formatting. I cannot format the welcome e-mail in the following ways:

a. Left Justify (it won't let me do this in html advanced editor either)

b. I cannot hyperlink anything.


3. Drip Sequence. I would also like the welcome e-mail to trigger a drip sequence - and currently it does not seem to have this capability.


I did pay for one of your advanced services - however, this has never been resolved or addressed. Please advise so that I can make this system functional and give the best possible look for the client. 


Thanks in advance, Louis


Hi @LouisC,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community with your questions on the Welcome email. After looking at your account, it does seem like you are using the older version of our Welcome email. I recommend, since you have Email Plus and access to Autoresponders, setting up an Autoresponder that will go out to all of your lists. In this Autoresponder, you can create your Welcome email that will go out immediately to anyone added to your lists. This Welcome email will be fully customizable.


You can also set up an Autoresponder series that will send a Welcome email to the list of your choice, then will go into the Drip Campaign. Here is an FAQ/Tutorial that may help.



Gwendolyn B
Customer Engagement Specialist
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