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Hello Community Users!


As engagement with our Community continues to grow, we want to make sure that your support inquiries are being addressed in an efficient and helpful manner. To that end, this welcome post can hopefully provide some helpful tips and advice for making posts, or saving you time by redirecting you to an applicable FAQ.


Make sure to take some time to check out the About page of the Community, and especially the Community Terms & Conditions prior to posting as well.


1) What is the Help Board of the Community?

The purpose of the Help Board is to act as another available support channel. Just like with phone support and chat, we on the Community & Social Care (CSC) team are here to provide troubleshooting, guidance, advice, and other general assistance for Constant Contact customers and trialers.


If something isn’t working, or you’re running into a roadblock in the process of doing something in your account, that's what we're here for. While a lot of questions may be answered by articles in our Knowledge Base (also available via the Help button in your account’s navigation bar), we’re also able to troubleshoot on an individual basis. We'll also likely ask several follow up questions in order to collect info for use cases, and to work with the higher level technical if needed. We also want to make sure we understand your situation in a more thorough manner, that way we can offer the best insight and advice available to us.


2) Where can I find your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) board?

We can get a lot of questions asking about the same topics, which is why we have our FAQ page set up and dedicated to these common question types. Billing, Account/List Review, Multi-Factor Authentication, and others may be added to and tweaked, as time goes on. Before posting in Help, it'll likely save you time to check out the existing FAQs, to see if they can answer your question. 


All existing and future FAQs will be posted in our Learning & Resources section. You can also find other helpful resources in the Learning section, on the Community Know-How page.


3) What kind of information should I be providing in a Help post?

This is an important question, as providing the right amount of info can significantly reduce the amount of time and back-and-forth questioning needed to troubleshoot an issue. Generally speaking, the more info the better - troubleshooting steps taken, support teams you’ve already reached out to, how long an issue has been occurring, etc. 


The only support-related information we don’t recommend (or outright forbid) is sensitive account and contact info. Putting your username, password, email address, or contacts’ identifying information in a post isn’t secure, and can lead to Compliance issues. After all, you wouldn’t want someone putting your personal home address, name, and other identifying info on a public board, right? 


4) But what if I need support that involves potentially sensitive info, and I’m unable to call in?

Perhaps you need a specific contact unsuspended, or you need to discuss specific numbers regarding your account’s billing, or you’re having trouble calling the Review team to address a Compliance flag on your account. For such situations that involve sensitive information, you’re welcome to email us directly at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com. By emailing us directly, you’ll be submitting your info in a much more secure environment. 


However, there are stipulations to this. As we’re unable to confirm security permissions live with you, our team won’t be able to perform some actions, such as resetting a user’s MFA preference, editing and sending an email campaign, or updating your billing info. If you end up emailing us needing us to do something that requires a live security confirmation, we’ll make sure to notify you, and setup a callback case with the appropriate team. Bear in mind that such callback cases can range from 1-5 business days, depending on the team you’re needing to contact. 


When you do email us, it’s generally best to include your account’s username, and to email us from an address verified on the account (such as the main sending or billing address). With this information, as well as the info pertaining to your support request, we can assist you as efficiently as possible.


5) I submitted Feedback, but somehow my post ended up here!

When something is submitted, but is far more of a support inquiry than feedback commentary, the Feedback members of our team will shift these posts over to Help for us to address.


Of course, if there is genuine feedback and constructive criticism included in the post, we can note that in your account and submit it to the engineers for further review. Even still, we'll try to address a support inquiry as best we can. Maybe you’ll need a workaround, or maybe a Tier 2 technical team case, or you just need us to make a regular case for further troubleshooting. Either way, we want to make sure your issue – whether it’s confusion, basic instructions, a wanted feature, or legitimate glitch – is addressed as helpfully as we’re able to provide. 



And that wraps up our introduction to the Help Board. Once again, make sure to go through our Community’s Terms, and also check out the FAQ board to save some time with basic questions. If you need further advanced assistance, you’re also welcome to email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com . Happy posting!



Remember, you’ve got this, you’ve got us!

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