What Happens to Poll if plan is downgraded?


What Happens to Poll if plan is downgraded?

I upgraded my plan so I could run a poll, but have no intention of paying $70.00 a month for CC service. The gentleman who helped me upgrade said as long as I switch my plan back by a certain date (4 days from now) I will only be charged a pro-rated amount for the upgraded plan (about $13.00, reasonable IMO). My question is, once I switch back what will happen to my poll? Will people still be able to participate and will I still be able to access the results? The information on this website is horrible at explaining how their products work and I can't believe I can't just email CC directly and ask my question. If anyone knows my answer, I'd be so grateful.


Hi @LarissaS0,


Thank you for reaching out to us through the Community. I do apologize if our resources seem unsatisfactory. We do appreciate any feedback that is provided and I will be sure to submit your feedback regarding our resources to the correct department. With that being said, once you downgrade your account, your contacts will still be able to take part in the poll and you will be able to access the results. For future mailings, you will not be able to insert new poll blocks within your email campaign. I hope this information helps, please let us know if you have any further questions.

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