What happened to my double opt-in??


What happened to my double opt-in??

The signup form on my website WAS double opt-in with Constant Contact. But that seems to have changed for unknown reasons! This problem seems to have begun after Oct. 26th.


Previously, when people signed up, the "source" for their emails was "in-line signup form."


Now, when people sign up, the "source" for their emails is "embedded JMML." And now I'm getting a lot of SPAM email addresses, just like I did before I made the form double opt-in.


Did Constant Contact change something? I can't even find the place where I would choose to make the form double opt-in. The Forms page on Constant Contact looks different than I remember.


What's going on? Is anyone else having this problem??


Hi @LynnS56,


Thanks for reaching out with your concerns about your sign-up forms and the process with Confirmed Opt-in. We have recently started moving accounts to a new sign-up form experience which does look a bit different. To access your existing sign-up forms, click Sign-up Forms and then Landing Pages and More:




You'll then see your existing sign-up forms (note: depending upon which sign-up form was utilized the Source can vary):




In addition, Confirmed Opt-in requires a contact to respond to an email confirmation in order to be added to your list. It only applies to people who sign up for your list using one of your sign-up form buttons or links. This option can be added to your account by clicking My Profile and selecting My Settings. If it's turned on for your account it will indicate ON (rather than OFF). If you need to make any edits to it just click ON:




We also have a new process in place to help identify suspicious sign-ups and prevent them from getting added to your account. Any email suspected as being fake is placed directly into the Temporary Hold - Do Not Email status for you.


If you have more questions about sign-up forms, Confirmed Opt-In or suspicious sign-ups we're happy to take a look at your account. Please feel free to send us an email to social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with your username, a reference to this post and more details.


Nichelle M
Community & Social Media Support

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