What is Email Archive?


What is Email Archive?

UPDATED: July 2018


Please click here to learn more about using our updated embeddable newsletter archive widget. Archive homepages are no longer a feature that is available.


The information below is out of date.



Email Archive is an add-on to the Email Marketing product that allows you to obtain a link for up to 250 of your past emails in one place. Once an email is sent you can archive it and include a link to the email on your Archive homepage.


Your Archive Homepage can be designed to look and feel like your website. A good way to think about it is like a Library of all the emails you’ve sent. It is a good idea to include links to your past emails to give readers an idea of what type of content you send out, to act as a reference and to show-off your work.


Also, once Archived, your emails will be searchable on Google and other search engines.


There are three pieces included with Archive add-on.

1. Individual sent emails.

You will be able to archive your emails once they are sent. Once you are logged in click Email >  Archive > “Archive your sent emails”. Just check off any emails you want to archive and click “Archive Selected Emails”. Going forward you can also check off  to “Archive after sending” when scheduling your email.


2. Archive Homepage

First, you’ll need to create your homepage. Here’s an FAQ on how to get your Homepage up and running. Please note:  Archived links are not automatically added to the homepage so you will need to add them and then update the page.


3. Button/Link to the Homepage

As mentioned, you will want to include the homepage you’ve created on your website. To do this you or your webmaster will need to be able to edit your site as this is not something Constant Contact offers. To get the link to your page login to your account and click Email > Archive > Create an Archive homepage.



Don’t have Email Archive? You may have to upgrade from Email to Email Plus.


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Share what your e-mail archive page looks like

I was wondering if anyone would like to share their e-mail archive newsletter page with me.  I would like to see what it looks like on your website.  I am a visual person and I am struggling with what the customer would see.  Thanks in advance. Sue
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Share what your e-mail archive page looks like

Your email archive can be on you own Website, in which case it's look would be whatever you design. If you use the Constant Contact hosted archive there is a preview button, so you can see exactly what it will look like to the visitor.

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Share what your e-mail archive page looks like

Below is an example: Newsletters -January -February -March -etc You can make the month a hyperlink which goes to the newsletter.


Share what your e-mail archive page looks like

You can only point to your archive page from your site. Its hosted by Constant Contact. You only get a URL of the the page not the HTML. I'm sorry to say I don't currently have a live example, but the easiest way to see this "could" look like would be to go into your own account and click Emails > Archive > Create an Archive Homepage > Preview. This will present you with a base template provided by CC that you would be able to modify. Remember you can only link to this page.


Opt out question

I don't see this option in "My Settings". Is it under a sub-heading? Or only available for specific users?
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If someone is using the "Archieve" feature on their website, could you please send me your url so I can see it in action?

If someone is using the  "Archieve" feature on their website, can you please provide your url so we can see the feature in action?
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If someone is using the "Archieve" feature on their website, could you please send me your url

Felice, Here is a link to one of our clients archive pages. Nothing too fancy. http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs002/1102622079121/archive/1102978225634.html Regards, Tony

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If someone is using the "Archieve" feature on their website, could you please send me your url

Here is the link to my Newsletter Archive: http://pegbase.com/28943.html

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How to save your past emails

Good morning
I am finished with a project and want to "archive" our promotional emails for about 6 months until we want to start up a new campaign.  Archive in CC does not appear to mean the same thing as in other programs
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