What is going on today!

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What is going on today!

I am frustrated! I was working on a campaign and your site will not allow me to upload images. I even moved to a different computer and now I can't even open my campaign. I called for assistance and the recording said there could be a 30 minute wait. I don't have that kind of time - what is going on with Constant Contact?
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Re: What is going on today!

Hi @JenniferD0676

I am sorry to hear of this frustration. Yesterday was a bit busy as it was the weekday back after a holiday but we're available via email, online chat, social media or the Community to help if you aren't available to wait for phone support.


Can you tell me more about what is happening when you try to upload images? Are you seeing any errors? What browser are you working in when this happens?



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Re: What is going on today!

Hello Jennifer!


Friday is a day every business owner needs to connect with their customers. Every Friday!


To emphasize what has happened during the week & to generate activity over the weekend.


I have had the same challenge you experienced, on more than one occasion.


So . . . . I began doing my Friday communicating on Thursday evening or afternoon, or early on Friday.


Completely eliminated the exact same frustration you experienced.


& keep in mind, Chat is an excellent support tool. The Support Team responds VERY QUICKLY.



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