What is the best campaign for an employee referral email

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What is the best campaign for an employee referral email

What is the best campaign for an employee referral email?  I wanting to send an email to current employees and have them respond if they know anyone looking for emplyment opportunites. We need the person's name (who they are referring), contat number, and email.  I have used the link before as an email address for a "quick click link". Is there a campaign that is best used for this?


Hello @CindyP330 ,


If you are looking for a way to gather contact information you could provide your current employees with a lead generation landing page URL link. Instructing them to share it with these individuals looking for employment. Once at the page they can enter their email address, name, phone number and whatever other fields of data you would need to contact from them. Then having this information drop into an employment opportunities list so from there you can follow up with anyone within that one list. For steps on creating this lead generation landing page click here.

For the email campaign itself, may be best to create one from a blank template. Adding in your wording and then provide that landing page link for them to share. This way it's a simple to the point message with a clear call-to-action within.


John M
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Thanks John. I will try the latter suggestion.